Real Estate Newsletter November 4, 2022

Life @ Home eNewsletter: October 2022 [Buyers]

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» Buyer contingencies are back in play and here are some you need to try
» Brighten a dark room using these designer tips
» Top U.S. cities to celebrate Halloween

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 Buyer contingencies are back in play and here are some you need to try
Buyer contingencies are back in play and here are some you need to try 

It was less than a year ago when home buyers were sweating the details of their offer.

Now that buyers have more bargaining power, consider asking the seller to make a few concessions for you. You may be surprised what sellers are willing to do to make the sale go forward.

Work with your real estate agent. They’ll provide guidance based on their pulse of the current market, so you don’t end up lowballing the seller. Here are some negotiations they may suggest:

Price reduction

Asking the seller to lower the asking price can be a smart buyer’s move. With the help of your real estate agent, along with some local market research, you can come up with a solid offer.

Home sale contingency

No one likes the idea of paying two mortgages. A home sale contingency releases you from the purchase if your house doesn’t sell within a certain timeframe.

Closing cost assistance

Getting the buyer to agree to cover some of the costs frees up cash for you, which you’ll use for your down payment, moving costs and more.

Home repair contingency

If professional home inspection reveals any needed fixes and updates, ask the seller to cover the costs as a condition for moving forward with the sale. Better yet, see if they’ll work with your choice of contractor.

Furniture and equipment

It doesn’t hurt to negotiate for furnishings or home equipment to stay with the house. If you saw a great patio set, landscaping equipment or a unique piece of furniture during the showing, ask if it can come with the purchase. If the seller was planning to downsize, they’ll be glad to avoid the hassle.

Brighten a dark room using these designer tips
Brighten a dark room using these designer tips 

As the days grow shorter, there’s no reason to endure a dreary room. Take on some of these weekend projects and enjoy the transformation.

Go with light hues on floors and walls

White paint or white tiling is the simplest way to get light bouncing around the room.

Bright accents

Going bold on hues and fun patterns for rugs, throw pillows and accent chairs brings instant levity to living rooms, bedrooms and other spaces.

Open the window

That is, retire the heavy drapes and let the sun shine in. Your plants and pets will thank you for it.

Mirror, mirror

A large panel of reflecting glass can dial up the brightness in a winter room — while a pretty frame adds a focal point.

Shine on

Choosing upholstery and accessories featuring metallics adds another place to bounce off rays of light.

Think like a lighting designer

Before shopping for lamps and fixtures, consider what the room needs at different times of day. Wall sconces are essential during twilight and on cloudy days. Also, consider the temperature of the light bulbs — cool lights and warm lighting can impact the mood of the room.

Get your greens

In the depths of winter and dark skies, touches of living green add life and cheer to any space. To achieve a more impactful design with plants, build a living wall.

Top U.S. cities to celebrate Halloween
Top U.S. cities to celebrate Halloween 

Sleepy Hollow, New York: Haunted historic sites and live theater

St. Helens, Oregon: All-ages fun in a charming small town

Anoka, Minnesota: Chock-full of family-friendly activities

Las Vegas: Partying for the 21-and-older crowd

New Orleans: Festivals and haunted sites